Thursday, November 19, 2009

Adam Lambert: For Your Entertainment - The Reviews Are In!


Here are some reviews for the just released debut album for American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert.

The 'Idol' runner-up goes for it all in his major label debut, with the help of the Hollywood pop A-list. The results are mixed, but never a bummer. -L.A. Times

With the release of his debut album, Adam Lambert is about to become a huge star. Few human beings have ever been blessed with a voice like his... - Associated Press

Adam Lambert's "For Your Entertainment" is every bit the boffo, glam-rock, disco-pop space oddity you'd expect from the "American Idol" standout. - The Detroit News

But if For Your Entertainment's material sometimes wears him rather than vice versa, he's still the belle of what turns out to be one heck of a glitter-pop ball. - Entertainment Weekly

At last, an “American Idol” finalist with a personality to match the pipes. -  Chicago Tribune

Click on any of the publication names to go to their sites for a full review.

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