Thursday, November 6, 2008

Playboy Playmate Tiffany Sloan (Miss October 1992) Dies At 35.

To read an update on this article, click here.

A rather insignificant obituary in the "Las Vegas Review-Journal) caught my eye today.  I was surprised that there had been no news stories or articles written about what had happened to Tiffany Sloan, Playboy Magazines Miss October of 1992.  I mainly remember Tiffany only because the previous year there had been another Playmate from Las Vegas, Corrina Harney, who was later chosen as the Playmate of the year. Corrina's grandfather worked at the same place as I.

Also, it made the local news when a second person was chosen as a Playmate from Vegas so close together.  That was Tiffany.  So, when I read this little snippet of an obituary in the RJ, I was surprised:

TIFFANY SLOAN Tiffany Marie Sloan, 35, a model, of Las Vegas, passed away Nov. 1, 2008. She was born May 29, 1973, in Orange County, Calif., and had resided in Las Vegas for 17 years. Tiffany was destined to shine. She was named Playboy Magazine's Playmate of the Month in October 1992, and continued on with her modeling and numerous television guest appearances. Her kindness and irresistible charm drew in the countless friends she had made. Tiffany will be missed by them all. Services are pending.

That is certainly no reflection on the RJ's reporting, because as I searched the Internet tonight, I could find no information on it.  I did find a copy of the information she provided in her centerfold at Playboy.Com.  Click here to read it.  Even a search of Google images failed to turn up much in the way of pictures.

One of the videos that she did for Playboy is available at  If you are interested in it, click on the box:

Some other things that Tiffany appeared in are:

  • Playboy's Girls of Summer '93 June 1993 - front and back cover, page 4.
  • Playboy's Playmate Review Vol. 9 June 1993.
  • Playboy's Blondes, Brunettes & Redheads August 1993.
  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 33 September 1993.
  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 34 November 1993.
  • Playboy's Nudes December 1993 - pages 22-23, 70-73.
  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 35 January 1994.
  • Playboy's Bathing Beauties March 1994 - pages 27, 43.
  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 36 March 1994.
  • Playboy's Girls of Summer '94 June 1994.
  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 38 July 1994.
  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 39 September 1994 - pages 8, 36-37, 69.
  • Playboy's Wet & Wild Playmates September 1994 - page 81.
  • Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 40 November 1994.
  • Playboy's Nudes November 1994.
  • Playboy's Hot Denim Daze May 1995 - pages 22-25.
  • Playboy's Celebrating Centerfolds Vol. 5 June 2000.

So, maybe there will be more written about her but for now, it seems sad that someone with her career could have her death practically unnoticed.  I did see on one site that someone posted a comment that she passed away at home.  I just thought it was sad and decided to post this in case anyone who remembers her were unaware of her untimely death.  Rest In Peace Tiffany Sloan.


Anonymous said...

How completely tragic; she was a beautiful young woman and yet she seemed to be so unaware of her own self worth. I remember her photos in Playboy years ago and she was a standout. She seemed like such a vibrant girl. Too bad it had to end like that for her. Never met or knew her, just a random admirer of her beauty (like many others). I sympathize with friends and family of hers.

Charlie Girl said...

I love Tiffany. we had many laughs together

Mariah said...

I met Tiffany in Tucson Az many years ago and we became friends. I lost touch with her and I ggogled her name to see what she was up too, and this is not what I wanted to find out about her. I'm going to miss her dearly. She was a very kind hearted person.

GStenson said...

I went to high school with Tiffany out here in Vegas. A great person, always nice and personable. This is unfortunate to hear.

Anonymous said...

This is jason, i met tiffany when she lived in utah for a short time. We started dating while in utah. Tiffany then decided to move back to vegas and i followed shortly after in early 2007. She and i lived together in an apartment for arround 6 monthes. I am trying to locate either her mother or her brother steve, i would like to return her belongings, pictures, albums etc. I am sure they would like to have them. I was saddened to hear of her untimely passing.

Robert Parks said...

Tiffany is a wonderful person. Im glad i got to know & love.she is a part of me.

Robert said...

Tiffany is a beutiful woman. She is my soulmate.I love her alot.

Robert Wayne Parks said...

Tiffany is not gone if she's in your heart.Im very spiritaul.I love her with all of my heart.Im sorry for my spelling.Tiffany is a snow white dove.Tiffany is my very bestfriend.To.Tiff's family you all are in my heart & in my thoughts.& my prayer's.

Robert Wayne Parks said...

Im very blessed to know Tiffany.My heart & my soul goes out to Tiffany's Mother & Her Brother Steve.I love you all.

Anonymous said...

my heart goes out to the family & friends so does my love. i love you all very much. this is Robert. i'm sorry that i didn't get to make it out there. i ran into money problems. i wanted to make it out there. i wanted to see you all & to meet you all & let you all get to know me. i want to say merry christmas & a safe new year. i love you all very much you all are in my heart & in my soul

Robert Parks said...

i like to write a poem i dictated this to tiffany is called true love. Every time when you was sick i was around and i never let you down when you was down i came around and you did not frown because i was your clown and you always be found. i love tiffany very much she'll always be in my heart.

Anonymous said...

It is 2 days short of you being gone 2 years. You came to mind today, as you do often. You are missed by many. I know you are in better place now, no longer tormented by your family and so called friends. You were a special person. I'm sorry you had it so rough in life. The world lost an amazing person the day you left us. - Steph

Robert said...

steph i'm really sorry to hear about tiffany being tormented by some of her family. my heart goes to u.

Robert Parks said...

tiffany you are in my heart and in my life. i know that i will see you again sweetheart. god made a special woman when he made you. i love you tiffany marie sloan.
sincerely Robert Parks

rwmossman said...

If anyone on this blog really knows Tiffanys mom (Michelle) or her brother Steve, I would love to get back in touch with either of them. Steve may not remember me, he was very young in 75. I lived with them in Tustin Calif and was engaged to Michelle. Her brother Mel liveed with us for a time. You may contact me at and I will be happy to provide assurance of who I am. (I have plenty of pics of the family) Also, if you know any of Michelles brothers, Mel or Joe Jr. that would be great.

Anonymous said...

Part I:
How tragic.

For some reason I decided to look up TS tonight, and I was shocked to hear the news of her untimely death.

I met Tiffany back in the mid-1990s and thought she was an amazing person. I saw her as a person who was full of energy, bright and a calculated thinker. We were both with groups of friends. One of her friends liked one of my buddies. She came up to me and said, “Hi, my name is… (and I finished her sentenced). She was surprised that I knew of her.

Anyway, at one point she pulled me away from the friends that I was with and away from her friends. She sat me down and we just started talking. She opened up to me about some personal things that were going on in her life then (nothing harmful), but things that I like to keep private in the event I meet others (family) who really knew her and I will be able to privately share things that only they would know). She seemed to really care about her brother Steve, is it? Sorry, I forgot his name, it’s been awhile.

Side note: One person posted here that he “knew her” in “high school” in “Vegas.” To my recollection she didn’t go to HS in Vegas. She was born in the OC and lived in Bullhead City, Arizona for some time if I recall correctly.
I really didn’t understand at all why she was working at a Gentleman’s Club (beyond the money thing – I got that). I knew that was the wrong place for her, that she had way more potential and told her that back then. I wanted and offered to help her. And sure, I wanted to get to know her for her. She was really easy to like, and I liked talking with her.

Part of me said (inside my head), look, she could date any guy she wanted. There were guys with more money than the U.S. gov, which makes pretty much everyone at this point. At one point, she had to go talk to someone, which I saw as a “brush off.” But then she said, will you come with me? I said, sure. She took me by her hand, and we ended up hanging out for a few hours. Nothing major just being a gentleman and just talking with this amazing girl. I had no knowledge or detected any signs that she was using any drugs or alcohol at the times we spoke. She didn’t discuss that. My sense is this all happened years later.

Eventually we had to go; our friends were pulling us in different directions. I gave her my card and told her (earlier) how I could help her. I figured she wouldn’t call. How many guys have done this? Gave a business card to a pretty girl? All of them, right? To my surprise, and without asking (mostly because I didn’t want to be rejected – everything was going to well), then she gave me her cell number, and asked me several times that I call her.

It was difficult for me working between two thoughts of wanting to help her professionally (that did not involve the line of work she was in) supporting her that way, and my other part of me developing personal feelings toward her.

We talked over the phone a few times. I think she wanted to have more personal talks with me, and I think I was being too professional trying to help her in that way. I had my people help me develop a plan so she could get out of that business and on-to a positive (safer) self-sustaining career. I think my problem was that I was just too professional over the phone, and not so much the way I was when we first talked in person. (continued next – PART II)

Anonymous said...

Part II: (continued from Part I):

Later in the future I reflected about all this, and thought that maybe she wanted me to be more personal like we talked in Vegas. We lived in different states, so distance didn’t help. Plus how do you compete in the environment she was in all the time? Tough to call her thinking at the time, but I was flattered that she asked me to call her. She was just a really sweet person with a ton of potential in the wrong situation (job).

After finding out about her 2008 death (learned today), I decided to share what I have here in respect and in tribute to her. Again, I have left out some details on purpose. I just have a challenging time believing things turned out the way of her tragic death. I searched all over the net for credible sources to verify what happened, and I was saddened to read it. Something and something ongoing was seriously affecting her emotionally causing her enormous mental pain. From what time we had, I have a sense that she felt alone despite being around people all the time. I wish I could have done more. I can guarantee you; she would not have been doing drugs or any excessive or frequent drinking if we were together, nor would we be living in Vegas. That’s just not my style or upbringing.

The reason why I never tried to re-contact her over the years (when I was not in a relationship), was because I figured she would have been happily married, and had kids by now.

Wow. This is so sad. May God rest her kind soul.


GB said...

Sad. You live in the spotlight but die in the shadows. Go figure; a Playmate overdoses and dies to young. Never heard that before. Beauty is a dime-a-dozen.

Clemowtine said...

I knew a beautiful human once. See was by no means at all average in her beauty, she was stunning to behold. So beautiful she was physically yet when she spoke I realized she was even more gifted with a deeper intellect. Overflowing with hope, happiness, and compassion for a very cold, evil, sadistic, jealous world. She never saw it that way. Her physical appearance overcame any obstacle she had to confront when she was young. Her personality began to diminish as the toxins she ingested to kill all the evil around her began to slowly squeeze the life out of her. She actually talked' to me once or thrice and I vividly remember seeing and feeling the hopelessness crying out from the depths of her aching tortured lost aimless, self worthlessness. I loved you Tiffany but would I have made a difference in the direction of your life? Certainly not. You were beyond hearing anyone's words of consolement because at that point, what had you not already heard? An intervention maybe? Hah, that would have protracted the forgone conclusion that you soon exacted upon yourself. I have never known, seen, touched, or spoke to a more beautiful person than you. I knew to protect myself from the menace that I saw deep within the raging of your innermost thoughts. I would have been no match for that much nefariousness. So I, stood back like the rest of the cowardly human throng and was not surprised when I heard the beautiful princess who had the world at her feet had flown to close to the flame that she danced with for one to many times. Really? Could you have been gifted with any more beauty and wit than one could ever possibly possess in ten or even 100 lifetimes ? You are the timeless beauty that set the standard for the definition of whatever the best of the best could ever be... Tiffany Sloan. 1973-2008. I will love you and you will have never known. Buts that's ok. At least you spoke to me. That was all I ever

Anonymous said...

Greg Stenson well respected commented on her going to school in Las Vegas. As she did. Brinley Jr. Hgh as a matter of fact. She and Steve were very loved here in Las Vegas. Lived off of Alexander . Dated Kelly Stafford. AKA Kelly Jones. Lucky basted .lol. love ya. Miss ya.wish I would've taken on that modeling job with you and Gordon.


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