Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Smallville Star Agrees To Release Of Sex Tape With Playboy Model Karissa Shannon

Karissa Shannon for Playboy's 55th Anniversary...Image via WikipediaSam Jones III and his girlfriend, Playboy model Karissa Shannon, have agreed to allow adult film producer Vivid Entertainment to release their celebrity sex tape.  TMZ is reporting that the deal is done after weeks of  negotiations.  The couple had originally been fighting the tapes release,  having their lawyers send Vivid a cease and desist order.

According to TMZ, all it took was enough money.  They are reporting that Vivid has offered the couple a six-figure amount.  Steven Hirsch, the president of Vivid made the following comment:
"We are excited to finally

distribute this amazing DVD. Not

only is it extremely kinky for a

celeb sex tape, Karissa is

absolutely beautiful. And as for Sam, let's just say he's no

'Smallville.' This is sure to be one of our all-time best

According to Fox News, for those who aren't aware, Shannon also appeared in a sex tape with Heidi Montag and is a former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner.   On Smallville, Sam Jones III played Clark Kent's best friend Pete Ross.
Karissa Shannon & Sam Jones III
My only question is this:  "Does this open new doors for Shannon as a model?  Perhaps as a cover girl in medical journals on STD's?   Just saying.

If you are just dying to see what the hubbub is about, Egotastic.com has some NSFW photos from the tape.  Click here to take a peek.  And finally, if you want to see the trailer for the video, click here.
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