Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Watch The Music Video For "Dead Snow" with Linni Meister...Just Don't Watch It Here.

Linni Meister (whom I have never heard of) has released a music video for her song "My Ass", which evidently is part of the soundtrack of the film "Dead Snow", a nazi-zombies horror film.  Well, as much as I would love to post the actual video here, I'm afraid the nudity in it (mainly Linni Meisters naked behind) could get me zapped by the censorship patrol that seems to dog blog sites such as blogger.  But never fear, because I have the link to the video which is playing at trailer

Linnie Meister

To get there just click on this link:  LINNIE MEISTER.  Linnie hails from Norway, appeared on their version of Big Brother, and had a home video porn tape that leaked out and was supposedly pretty hot.  If you've seen it, leave a comment or a review.

And in case you're curious, here is the trailer for the actual film which will be released on June 12, 2009.

The plot of the film is set around a group of Norwegian teenagers who go away for a snowmobiling vacation. They come across a box of cursed gold in the cabin they are staying in. Unfortunately the area they are staying in was used by the Nazis in the German occupation of Norway during World War II, and the gold belonged to them. As a result undead Nazi-Germany soldiers come back to reclaim their gold.

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Anonymous said...

She is very hot and i like her very much.
I want to a wife like her because she is very sexy..


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