Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fantasia's Suicide Attempt Was Taped For VH1

Winner of season 3 of American Idol, Fantasia ...Image via WikipediaThe well publicized (half-hearted) suicide attempt of former American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino was taped, as well as her recovery, by a camera crew for VH1. The music channel has a reality show called "Fantasia: For Real and they were taping her second season at the time.

Below is a four minute promotion of the show which includes scenes dealing with the incident.  For some reason, (maybe it's the horrible acting) the entire thing seems somewhat staged to me.  I know that is a terrible thing to say for someone who obviously has problems, but I have to call it like I see it.

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I have always been a little leery of Fantasia and her boo-hoo backstory, even when she appeared on season 3 of American Idol.  It seems like all of the contestants on that show have their histories blown out of proportion in order to make them look more pitiful so that it seems more spectacular as their life changes because of Idol.
The biggest problem I find with Fantasia other than her mediocre voice, is that she has always touted her religious faith as she goes about in her personal life doing just the opposite of what a good Christian is supposed to do.  Besides being an unwed mother, she spent a year with a married man (she states in the video that it's okay because he is separated from his wife) and, on top of that, if it was a real and not just an attention getter, she tried to kill herself, which  if I remember correctly, is considered an ultimate sin.

On top of that, how selfish for her to do that when she has a young child that loves her and depends upon her.
I know that the bible says something like judge not, lest ye be judged, but when you plant your face all over the media, saying one thing while doing another. how can you not form an opinion on this girl?  You would think that she would live by the words she speaks.
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