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The Beverly Hillbillies

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Turkey Day!


If you don't know who or what The Beverly Hillbillies is, then you have never watched television.  One of the funniest television shows of the sixties, the Hillbillies was the story of a backwoods family known as the Clampett's, consisting of Jed, the matriarch, Granny, the mother-in-law, Elly May, the young beautiful daughter, and of course Jethro, the big idiot nephew.

The episodes involved how this family, who moved from the Ozarks to Beverly Hills at the insistence of their banker, Milburn Drysdale, who along with his assistant Jane Hathaway, catered to the Clampett's whims to ensure that they maintained their account in his bank.  The Clampett's came upon their fortune one day when Jed was hunting on his land, and struck oil when he missed. 

This is the Thanksgiving episode which is in the public domain due to a CBS copyright screw up, (as are many of the episodes from seasons one and two).  The story involves a hand shaking turkey that is supposed to be the thanksgiving dinner, a billiard room, and a billiard, which isn't what you think.

You will laugh out loud when you watch this absolutely hilarious episode of The Beverly Hillbillies.  Because of copyright ownership of the theme song which did not slip into the public domain, you won't hear the familiar opening song, but some generic garbage that shows up on public domain DVD's of these episodes.

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