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Retro Cartoons Are Hot At Joost.Com

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If you are a boomer like me, there are certain cartoons that you probably have fond memories of. Taking a browse through Joost.Com, I found some of my favorites and thought I would share a few episodes with you. If you want to see even more, as well as hundreds of movies and thousands of TV episodes, be sure and visit Joost.Com. Other websites which I really enjoy and search often for material are Hulu.Com, Fancast.Com, and Archive.Org. The latter one is a great sight for finding the really old public domain material, not just in videos, but audio recordings and written material as well.
Best of all? All of these sites are absolutely free.

G.I. Joe - "Cobra Stops The World"

COBRA uses a cloaking device to stop the world's oil supply.

Groovie Ghoulies - Episode One

Join the Groovie Goolies in another terrifying and humorous adventure, this time Count Drac shows the Goolies the Horrible Hall. While this isn't one that most people would put in their top ten list of cartoons, it is one that has always stuck in my mind, especially since it had Sabrina The Teenage Witch in it.

The Mr. Magoo Show - Episode One

Mr. Magoo was a snooty, incredibly near-sighted character who was constantly getting himself into comedic trouble due to his intense myopia and chronic stubborness. Despite his lack of vision, Magoo had been entrusted as the caretaker of his little nephew Waldo, who was always drawn in to his uncle's mishaps. I enjoyed this series so much when I was young that I bought the entire series a while back at Amazon.Com.

Rocky And Bullwinkle - Jet Fuel Formula

After a trip to the moon, Rocky and Bullwinkle return to earth with moonmen Gidney and Cloyd. The moonmen find themselves endangered, and seek Rocky and Bullwinkle's help in returning to the moon. One of the greatest cartoon series that ever aired on television. It was written as much for adults as for kids, although I didn't know that when I was a kid.

Fat Albert

Fat Albert, Weird Harold, Rudy, Dumb Donald, Russell, Bucky and Mushmouth share childhood experiences to which we can all relate. To the outside world, the place where they spend much of their time is a pile of junk. But to Fat Albert's gang, the junkyard becomes a magical playground filled with adventure, excitement and new discoveries. A great show that was tremendously funny while it attempted to teach something in each episode.

You will find many other animated series at the websites I mentioned including anime and newer series as well as the retro stuff that I like. Be sure and give them all a visit.
Here are some DVD sets of these shows that you can find at Amazon.

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