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10th Annual Golden Trailer Awards - Here Are The Winners

The Golden Trailer Awards are presented and run by siblings, Evelyn Brady-Watters and Monica Brady. A panel of judges selected from top level directors, producers, actors, writers, executives, exhibitors, advertising creatives and critics views the trailers and votes on them. With comedians hosting and presenting, the awards are handed out at a live ceremony in May.
The first Golden Trailer Awards ceremony was held on September 21, 1999 in New York City. The show is televised and was carried on the Reelz Channel in 2007 and Fox's MyNetworkTV in 2008.
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Movie trailers play an increasingly important role in entertaining us and helping us determine where to spend our leisure time. The best trailers are works of art in their own right, expertly blending elements of cinema and advertising.

Each year through an open competition judged by film industry notables, the Golden Trailer Awards recognize the creative people who make movie trailers, and the best examples of their unique art, in a gala award show.

The next Golden Trailer Awards Show will take place Thursday, June 4th, 2009 at the Directors Guild Theater Complex in Los Angeles.

The Golden Trailer Awards is the awards show devoted to feature film previews. Since moviegoers consistently rate movie trailers as the most entertaining part of the theater experience, the Golden Trailer Awards celebrates the craftsmanship and allure of these potent mini-epics with a fast-paced show whose frenetic and sometimes irreverent style is perfect for the post-MTV era.

Taking only 90 minutes to roll through 16 categories ranging from Best Drama to the Golden Fleece, the Golden Trailer Awards is as diverse and exciting as the art form to which it pays homage.

Here is a video that tells what the Golden Trailer Awards are all about.

And, the winners are:

Show Category Winners

Best Action
Fast and Furious, AV Squad, Universal

Best Animation/Family
WALL-E, Craig Murray Productions, The Walt Disney Studios

Best Comedy
Bruno, The Ant Farm, Universal Pictures

Best Documentary
Man on Wire, The Editpool, Icon Film Distribution

Best Drama
Frost/Nixon, Empire Design, Working Title Films

Best Horror
The Unborn, Buddha Jones, Rogue Pictures

Best Independent Trailer
The Wrestler, Mark Woollen & Associates, Fox Searchlight

Best Music
Where the Wild Things Are, The Ant Farm, Warner Bros.

Best Romance
500 Days of Summer, Mark Woollen & Associates, Fox Searchlight

Best Thriller
Angels & Demons, Trailer Park, Sony Pictures

Best Video Game Trailer
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Eyestorm Productions, Lucasarts

Best Voice Over
Tropic Thunder, Buddha Jones, DreamWorks

Golden Fleece
The Spirit, Seismic Productions, Lionsgate

Most Original
My Winnipeg, Kinetic Trailers, IFC Films

Summer 2009 Blockbuster
Star Trek, Aspect Ratio, Paramount Pictures

Trashiest Trailer
One Eyed Monster, The Refinery, Liberation Entertainment

Best In Show
Star Trek, Aspect Ratio, Paramount Pictures

Non-Show Category Winners

Best Motion/Title Graphics
Repo! The Genetic Opera, Buddha Jones, Lionsgate

Best Sound Editing
Fast & Furious “Trailer 2”, AV Squad, Source Sound for Universal

Best Trailer – No Movie
Divine Shadows, The Solid State

Foreign Trailer Winners

Best Foreign Action Trailer
Red Cliff Part 2 “No Surrender”, Happy Hour Creative, Avex Entertainment

Best Foreign Comedy Trailer
Die Vorstadtkrokodile, Trailerhaus, Constantin Film

Best Foreign Drama Trailer
Arrancame La Vida, Fix Comunicacion, 20th Century Fox

Best Foreign Horror/Thriller Trailer
Let the Right One In, Kinetic Trailers, Magnet Releasing

Best Foreign Romance Trailer
The Last Mistress, Kinetic Trailers, IFC Films

Most Original Foreign Trailer
Sin Nombre, Focus Features, Focus Features

Best Anime Trailer
Persepolis, Zealot Productions Inc, Optimum Releasing

TV Spot Winners

Best Action TV Spot
Fast & Furious “Superbowl Spot”, AV Squad, Universal Pictures

Best Animation/Family TV Spot
Up “Adventure/Rope”, Create Advertising Group, Walt Disney Pictures

Best Comedy TV Spot
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian “Larry is Back Kids”, Workshop Creative, 20th Century Fox

Best Drama TV Spot
Frost/Nixon “Until Now”, Alkemi Entertainment, Universal Pictures

Best Horror TV Spot
The Haunting in Connecticut “News”, Buddha Jones, Lionsgate

Best Independent TV Spot
The Spirit “Believe”, Mojo LLC, Lionsgate

Best Foreign TV Spot
Gomorrah, Mark Woollen & Associates, IFC Films

Best Music TV Spot
The Spirit “Christmas Day”, Seismic Productions, Lionsgate

Best Romance TV Spot
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button “No Limits”, Trailer Park, Paramount Pictures

Best Summer 2009 TV Spot
Star Trek “Dare”, Intralink Film, Paramount Pictures

Best Thriller TV Spot
Transporter 3 “Little Positive”, Buddha Jones, Lionsgate

Best Video Game TV Spot
Tom Clancy’s EndWar, Eyestorm Productions, Ubisoft

Most Original TV Spot
Ghost Town “ET Review”, Gas Station Zebra, DreamWorks

Poster Winners

Best Action Poster
Transporter 3 “Final Poster”, Ignition Print, Lionsgate

Best Animation/Family Poster
Where the Wild Things Are “Peeking Teaser”, Mojo LLC, Warner Bros.

Best Comedy Poster
Pineapple Express “One Sheet”, Ignition Print, Sony Pictures

Best Documentary Poster
Man on Wire “Key Art”, allcity, Icon Film Distribution

Best Drama Poster
W “Chin”, Crew Creative Advertising, Lionsgate

Best Horror Poster
The Uninvited, Art Machine, Paramount Pictures

Best Independent Poster
Transsiberian “Teaser Poster”, Mob Scene, First Look Studios

Best International Poster
Pontypool “Pontypool”, bpg

Best Romance Poster
500 Days of Summer, Mojo LLC, Fox Searchlight

Best Summer 2009 Blockbuster Poster
Star Trek “Final One Sheet”, BLT & Associates, Inc., Paramount Pictures

Best Teaser Poster
The Ugly Truth “Teaser”, Ignition Print, Sony Pictures

Best Thriller Poster
Crank: High Voltage “Final Poster”, Ignition Print, Lionsgate

Best Video Game Poster
Wanted “One Sheet”, Ignition Print, Warner Bros. Interactive

Best Wildposts
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince “Individual Wildposts”, Crew Creative, Warner Bros.

Most Original Poster
$9.99 “Poster”, The Solid State

Trashiest Poster
Bitch Slap “Trixie”, Greenlight Designs

Advertising in Theater & On Screen Winners

Best Pre-show Theatrical Advertising
17 Again “NCM Trailer”, Mob Scene, Warner Bros.

Best Standee for Feature Film
Friday the 13th, Ignition Print, Warner Bros.

Most Innovative (Out of the Box) Advertising for a Feature Film
The Day the Earth Stood Still “Viral Custom VFX”, Interlace Media, 20th Century Fox

Most Innovative (Out of the Box) Advertising for a Brand/Product
Two Towers, The Creative Partnerhship, UK Film Industry Trust

Film Festival Winners

Best Film Festival Trailer
Black Dynamite, Killer Kreative

Best Film Festival Poster
LA Shorts Fest, Crew Creative

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