Monday, March 8, 2010

reBlog from Riesen2b: From The Writings Of A Sailor

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One of the opening paragraphs from another short story on my newest blog:

She reached for the light switch.  Hopefully, the light wouldn't startle him.  Unlike the hallway, the rooms were well equipped for lighting, allowing her to see it all.  Her scream broke the silence of the room before she passed out, overcome by the shock of what she had just seen. Riesen2b, From The Writings Of A Sailor, Mar 2010

You should visit my new blog and check out all of the stories that I wrote over thirty years ago when I was in the Navy serving aboard the submarine tender USS Orion (AS-18) which was stationed in Charleston S.C. and also during overhaul in Norfolk, VA.  After being lost for many years, this newly rediscovered collection of short stories and essays are finally being shared for all to see.  The photo that you see above is the ship that I was stationed on.

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