Monday, November 23, 2009

The Way Back Machine Returns To 1969 For NBC's Fall Promo

I've posted one of these in the past for CBS and for ABC, but as far as getting a good preview of new shows, this one is the best.  This is NBC's 1969 TV special designed to make viewers excited for the 1969-1970 NBC Television Network schedule. Shows promoted include: "My World.. And Welcome To It", "The Debbie Reynolds Show", "Then Came Bronson", "Bracken's World", "The Andy Williams Show", "The Bill Cosby Show" and "The Bold Ones". Most of these shows obviously cannot be uploaded, so this promo is the next best thing.  The show was hosted by NBC sports announcer Joe Garagiola and Today Show host Hugh Downs.

The Bold Ones was the show that, along with Burl Ives had Joseph Campanella, who accepted the role after being dropped from Mannix after the first season, when Joe Mannix left Intertect to go solo as a private investigator.   I was surprised to see that Michael Parks of Then Came Bronson is alive and well and performing in movies and TV quite often.  The Bill Cosby Show came years before The Cosby Show and was quite funny.  The Debbie Reynolds show also costarred Tom Bosley who of course later went on to be Mr. Cunningham on Happy Days.

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