Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dahmer vs. Gacy - This Has To Be One Of The Most Sick Twisted Trailers I Have Ever Seen.


Whoever came up with this ideal for a movie must be one heck of a freak.  And since the writer is someone named Andrew J. Rausch, I guess he is the one.  Directing this piece of sheer lunacy is Ford Austin.

A secret government lab has been trying to create the ultimate killer using the DNA of infamous killers, but there’s one big problem: They’ve escaped! Bloody mayhem stretches across the United States as they go on the ultimate killing spree. Trying to stop the maniacal madness is Ringo, a hick warrior being trained by God, using only a shotgun and a bottle of whiskey. In his road trip to hell, he must first fight off his own demons, not to mention an army of Japanese ninjas! It all leads up to the ultimate showdown!

Among the cast in this film of hilarious carnage are Art LaFleur, Harland Williams, and Steven Adler.  The film is set for release on December 31 but whether that is in theaters or straight to DVD is something I'm not sure of.  Either way, watch for it, if you dare.
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