Monday, June 15, 2009

Roy Rogers Returns! In The Meantime, Watch This Trio Of Western Entertainment!

Roy Rogers on Floodwall Mural painted by Rober...Image via Wikipedia

With the announcement that Roy Rogers will be returning to the silver screen in some form or another, along with Dale Evans and his trusty horse Trigger (see my previous post from today) I thought I would look around and see what I could find on the internet to share with you. So, here are two episodes of The Roy Rogers Show, which I found at Archive.Org, and a Roy Rogers movie which is playing at Joost.Com. Until the new movies start to arrive, enjoy these. The first TV episode is titled "Hard Luck Story", the second is "Phantom Rustlers", and the movie is titled "Sheriff Of Tombstone".

By the way, the photo that is posted with this article is Roy Rogers on Floodwall Mural painted by Robert Dafford, LaFayette, LA as part of a series of murals at his hometown, Portsmouth, Ohio. Portsmouth is also the hometown of riesen2b.

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