Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ready To Rumble Revolution: Here Is A Video Trailer Overload.

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If you have any interest at all in Atari's Ready To Rumble Revolution, you have probably seen the boxing glove above on other web sites promising you that if they win the promo that the sponsor is having, they will give you the Wii that they will win. What they don't tell you is that they (the blog site owner) will also receive a flat screen tv and a sound system as well. That is their real incentive. Also, I am wondering how anyone is supposed to know if they really won and will spend money to ship you the Wii. My guess is that no one will ever receive the prize they are mentioning and those blogs will not admit to winning. That is why I have been honest about the contest since the first post. I certainly would like to win the contest but am not going to hang an artificial carrot in front of you. What I do offer is the latest and best content about Ready To Rumble Revolution and I can only hope that you also take the time to click on the boxing glove while you are visiting here.

Here now, are some of the latest videos released for one of the best games that was ever released on the old Dreamcast system, and which is soon to be released in a fantastic new version for the Nintendo Wii.

First, have a look at The Impersonator:

And next we have The Sweet King:

This video is called Get Up!

And finally, for today, here is Red Vs. Dewey

Ready 2 Rumble Revolution is heading exclusively to the Nintendo Wii with the same irreverent take on boxing that you'd expect from the series. Check out the rest of the posts on the blog-o-rama and get even more info by clicking on the great big boxing glove at the top of this post.

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