Monday, January 12, 2009

"Nite Tales" Two Horror Movies In One

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Twice the scares for the price of only one movie ticket. Arriving in theaters on February 8, 2009, (is this a birthday present for my brother?) the film combines two horror tales that are supposedly on opposite sides of town.

TrailerAddict.Com gives the following description:

Watch as a young group of college students wait out an intense "Storm" in their parents' house. As the rain from the storm falls harder and harder the night gets stranger and stranger. On this night the storm will soon pass, but the killings are just the beginning. Suddenly a knock at the door reveals a strange visitor who is trying to find shelter from the rain. It ends up being a decision that will cost them their lives!

Our second tale introduces us to four bank robbers who all have an extreme appetite for violence. When a simple bank heist soon turns into a struggle for life and thousands of dollars in stolen money it still is not enough to buy their freedom - something more evil than themselves and an even bigger appetite for violence, on this night "Karma" will be served on a silver platter!

Sound creepy enough for you? Watch the trailer and decide for yourself.

1 comment:

Rashad said...

This is the Movie i saw on halloween night! It finally came out i see. I will be grabbing my copy today. Flav was playing the new crypt keeper. GANGSTA!!!!!


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