Friday, January 9, 2009

Mousketeer Cheryl Holdridge Dies At 64

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After a long battle with lung cancer, one time Mousketeer Cheryl Holdridge passed away Tuesday at her Santa Monica home. She became a Mouseketeer in 1956 at the start of the second season of "The Mickey Mouse Club". Her death was reported to the Los Angeles Times by Doreen Tracey, another former Mouseketeer.

In addition to "The Mickey Mouse Club", Holdridge played Wally Cleaver’s girlfriend for two seasons in “Leave It to Beaver,” and had guest roles on shows such as “Bewitched” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show.”

You can read a great biography about Cheryl as well as viewing more photos of the Mousketeer with the "Million Dollar Smile", at a website called "The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show" by clicking here.

In this look back at "The Mickey Mouse Club", movie critic Gene Siskel tells how Cheryl, not Annette was his favorite Mouseketeer, and why. Also, at about 2:38 into the video you can see Cheryl and the gang doing their Meeska-mooska-mousketeer, in which they introduce that day's cartoon.

Also, in this next video you can see Cheryl in one of the Mouseketeer Roll Calls where they sing, dance, and introduce themselves.

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