Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Christmas Show A Day: Reba

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First shown on December 13, 2002, the title of this episode is "Cookies For Santa".

This Christmas episode of Reba finds her all alone on Christmas Eve when all of the family members decide to go elsewhere. Reba spends part of the day serving food for the homeless when she meets a man who not only doesn't like her cookies, but also her turkey gravy. The man claims to be Santa Claus but Reba doesn't believe him. He talks her into going home even though she will be alone.

As it turns out, she isn't, as everyone returns home for different reasons. I really enjoyed this episode of Reba as it touches on what the true meaning of Christmas is really about--love and family. At the same time it is a truly funny episode that doesn't get bogged down by being overly sentimental. That was always one of the great traits of this show. Make sure you add this to your viewing schedule during this holiday season. You won't be disappointed.

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