Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh Rats! It's The Movie "The Rats". I Hate Rats (The Rodents, Not The Movie).

In New York City it is estimated that there are an alarming nine rats for every human being... and the rodent population continues to grow. THE RATS imagines what would happen if the rodent population were to overrun the city itself, when a colony of vermin take over a posh Manhattan department store. When a female shopper is hospitalized after seemingly cutting her hand in a department store dressing room, the store's public relations executive, Susan Costello, quickly learns that the shopper's mysterious illness was caused by a bite from a diseased rat. In a search for answers, Susan enlists the help of the city's top exterminator, Jack Carver. Susan and Jack try to get to the root of the problem, but they find themselves tangled up in bureaucratic red tape, as health officials deny evidence of a rodent infestation, in fear of losing much-needed tourism dollars. Meanwhile, the rat population is spiraling out of control, and packs of wild rats are fleeing their underground enclaves and terrorizing the public.  This is supposed to be a horror thriller.  Since it takes place during the holidays, I prefer to think of it as a Christmas movie.

From Hulu.Com, here is "Rats".

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