Sunday, November 9, 2008

Joe Johnston To Helm "Captain America"

Joe Johnston has signed on to direct "First Avenger: Captain America," the current title of Marvel Studios take on it's classic comic book character.

The studio has not yet signed on any writers, but is expected to do so shortly.

Marvel and Johnston met two years ago, and when the two parties clicked, general talks revolved around Captain America.  Much of the project's current direction came as a  result of those early conversations.

The character's last appearance was in 1990's "Captain America," a cheap production from 21st Century Films that ended up going to straight to video. That movie starred Matt Salinger as the hero in modern times fighting his enemy, the Red Skull.

Joe Johnston has worked on the production team of films such as "Star Wars",  "Raiders Of The Lost Ark",  "The Rocketeer", "October Sky", and the current remake of "The Wolfman".


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