Monday, September 29, 2008

Madonna's Directorial Debut: Filth And Wisdom Trailer

How did I get out of the loop? 

I didn't even know she was directing a film.  Well, here it is.  Or at least the trailer.  It's being released on October 17.

Studio: IFC Films

Release: October 17, 2008

Director: Madonna

Writer: Madonna, Dan Cadan

Cast: Eugene Hutz, Holly Weston, Vicky McClure, Richard E. Grant

FILTH AND WISDOM, is a hilariously sexy tale of three roommates who must delve into mischievous and naughty behavior in pursuit of bigger and brighter futures. A Ukrainian immigrant, A.K. (Eugene Hutz), finances his dreams of ‘trans-continental superstardom’ with his band, Gogol Bordello, by turning tricks as a role-playing cross dresser. As A.K. literally whips the privileged of London into shape, he also secretly pines for the object of his affection, Holly (Holly Weston), an aspiring ballerina looking for her big break while moonlighting as a slippery stripper. Meanwhile, Juliette (Vicky Mclure) steals medicine from her pharmaceutical job in hopes of quenching her dreams of helping Africa’s youth. FILTH AND WISDOM is every bit as erotic and playful as it is poignant and touching, revealing the universal struggles we all face in our pursuits of happiness.  This description comes from 

For some reason I don't expect this film to be shown in wide release.  What do you think?

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