Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"The Lion King" Will Roar At Mandalay Bay In Las Vegas Spring '09.

Disney Musical To Replace Mamma Mia!

Opening in May, the highly successful Broadway show "The Lion King", based on the film of the same name, will dig it's claws into Las Vegas, replacing the longest running play in Las Vegas, "Mamma Mia".  I think the executives at Mandalay Bay are breathing a sigh of relief, as an insider had told me that MGM/Mirage Corp., the parent owner of Mandalay, was pretty much insisting on yet another Cirque du Soleil show. 

It seems like corporate entertainment is devoid of an original thought.  With the latest Cirque du Soleil show, Criss Angel: Believe, having so many problems and being delayed so many times, I'm sure the big wigs at Mandalay are doing a victory dance by not giving in.  Click here to read what opening night preview audiences thought of the Criss Angel debacle.

Even better, just like "Mamma Mia", "The Lion King" will be performed in it's entirety and not trimmed down to 90 minutes like most other plays that have been in Vegas (Phantom Of The Opera, The Producers and others).

Variety.com quoted David Schrader, managing director and chief financial officer of Disney Theatrical Productions.  According to Scharader:

"A fair number of people who go to Vegas and see shows hadn't seen 'The Lion King,' " Schrader said. "It felt like there was an audience, and like there might be room for one family show."

"The Lion King" is slated to begin preview performances on April 20 with a scheduled opening on May 2, 2009.


Clyde said...

Well, it looks like I won't get to see Mama Mia before it closes shop. So I guess I can look forward to The Lion King sometime in the future. No matter though, it's all good.

But Criss whozzit never appealed to me anyway. Besides, I didn't know who in the hell he was until you mentioned him.

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