Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gary Coleman: The Man Who Just Can't Stay Out Of The News

Before I go into detail about what exactly this post is about, I want to give a tip of the hat for Gary Coleman.  Why?  Well, you see, I last posted an article about Gary way back on July 31, 2007 during another headlining incident in Provo, Utah.

Back then the gist of the story was this:

One of Utah County's more famous transplants has run afoul of the law.
Provo police cited actor Gary Coleman for disorderly conduct after witnesses said they saw him having a heated discussion with a woman last Friday evening.
Passers-by told police Coleman's temper was rising and he was hitting the steering wheel of his vehicle. The witnesses were concerned and called police.
When officers arrived, Coleman, known for his role in the TV series "Diff'rent Strokes," calmed down. He was issued a misdemeanor citation for disorderly conduct.
Coleman moved to Santaquin in 2005, around the time he starred in "Church Ball" an LDS-genre movie filmed in Utah County.

It isn't so much the article that is relevant to me as the picture (seen above) that was posted along with the article.  This picture accounts for more than half of the visitors that come to my page when they are doing image searches on Google.  Not just when he is in the news, but always.  And now, I've noticed that with this latest story that has come out of Provo, the web seekers are really eager to get this picture in their hands.  So thanks again Gary!

Now about the latest news.  It seems that this time sweet, kind-hearted, even tempered Gary got into an argument with a person and then tried to run him over.  As reported by the DESERET NEWS:

It's hard to investigate an auto-pedestrian accident when not even the victim will tell police what happened.

But Payson police filed a report Monday with the city attorney anyway, citing what they know about a Saturday night run-in between former TV child actor Gary Coleman and a shutter-happy 24-year-old man.

"The officer completed his investigation as far as he can, but he's still missing some key statements (about) the situation, not the least (being) Gary Coleman's and also the pedestrian's, Colt Rushton," said Payson Police Lt. Bill Wright. "They've not wanted to talk to us. We're a little bit (stuck) in what we've got."

Police say Coleman, 40, of Santaquin, had been arguing with Rushton at South County Lanes bowling alley, 112 W. 900 North, Saturday around midnight.

Police say Coleman — who earned fame with his role as Arnold Jackson in the TV show "Diff'rent Strokes" and moved to Utah shortly

after filming "Church Ball" here — was angry because Rushton had taken his picture while they were inside.

"We do know this situation evolved over wanting to have pictures of (Coleman)," Wright said. "So we (assume) he must be a fan.

To get the rest of the story go to DESERET NEWS by clicking here.  This story was written by Sara Israelsen-Hartley.

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