Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Second Trailer For Frank Miller/Will Eisner's "The Spirit" A Confusing Mess

I have been anxiously awaiting for the film version of legendary comic book artist Will Eisner's "The Spirit" ever since I heard Frank Miller was at the helm. If this second trailer for the movie is any indication of what's in store, I better find some pretty strong magic mushrooms before going to see it. This trailer is a disjointed, confusing, mess. Watch it for yourself and be sure to either email me and let me know what you think or make a post so that all the world will know what you think. Maybe your insight is better than mine and a trailer does not a movie make, but come on. Couldn't marketing have done better than this? The second trailer for The Spirit emphasizes the Spirit and his obsession with women. Preview ends with a compilation of action sequences from the film including a preview of Samuel L. Jackson as the Octopus.

You can find this and all of the great movie trailers, new and old at
And here, in an interview, is director Frank Miller's take on what it is he is doing.

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