Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Alone In The Dark: Flame Is The Name Of The Game

Flame, as in fire has been taken to a whole new level with Atari's newest version of Alone In The Dark. The look and the realism of fire is taken to a whole new level with this game. And you don't just look at it. You play with it as fire, in many forms is the weapon of choice for Edward Carnby as he traverses through Central Park destroying the entities that desecrate it.
I'm not here to give out all the details behind the storyline for Alone In The Dark. You can find that by clicking here.

My purpose in this review is simply to let you know how it plays, and whether you should give it a try.

The game is riveting and yes you should give it a try.
I have to admit that some of the scares in Alone In The Dark actually had me jump out of my seat, much to the enjoyment of my son who was watching me. This is definitely not a game for the weak at heart or for the young. The violence and gore as the dialogue laced profanity definitely earn this game it's M rating.

So, do you want to know what is cool about this game?

1. The fire. I already told you about it.

2. Get stuck on a level? Go to another level, even to the beginning of the last
level, and play on. You'll get a video recap of the plot so far.

3. This is not a simple shoot 'em up game, like so many that are coming out. You
have to think about what you are doing, think about what combination of items
in your jacket pockets will create the best weapons, and carry out their use in a
deliberate and speedy manner.

4. It takes time to work it all out. Trust me. If you can finish this game
straight through in a day, you are a much better man than me. It is definitely
a challenging game and will break those looking for a quick victory or who get
easily frustrated.

5. The Graphics. I'll use a word that is completely overused. Awesome. That is
the best way I can put it. Someone at Atari must have been working on overdrive
to create this game.

6. An absolutely outstanding soundtrack that is moody, eerie, exciting, and just
plain cool.
Of course, nobody's perfect. There were a few things that were a little frustrating and perhaps Atari will correct these for the PS3 version.

1. At times when you are about to be pounced on by the bad guys, trying to put your
weapon together in the correct order can quickly lead to your demise. It takes
a while to get the hang of it and as the tension mounts everything you remember
to do tends to go out the left side of your brain. Perhaps you could make this
a tad easier by letting you assemble your parts in any order.

2. There are I think three levels where you are required to drive. The controls for
this part of the game is not the best. Fine tune the feel of the car. This was
for me the weakest part of the game.

3. At times I thought the profanity was thrown in just because you can. Some isn't
so bad, but I felt the game went overboard on this.
I had been looking forward to Alone In The Dark for quite a well and overall I can say that I was pretty pleased. This game gets 4.5 out of five o-rama's on our blog-o-meter. Not put out that match!

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