Sunday, June 1, 2008

On Cancer: Losing Your Hair, Feeling Miserable And Unable To Work

Emma had her second chemo this past tuesday. On wednesday she had another injection to boost her white blood cells. She has been sick and off of work ever since. Yesterday she had planned on working but apparently had an anxiety attack and didn't go. Today she went after I assured her everything would be okay.

She was nervous to work because during this past week she had lost most of her hair. On saturday she went to the beautician and had the rest of it cut off. This is her picture.

This has been truly a hard week for her, marked mostly from sadness and depression. With Tyler's birthday arriving on June 6 and her not working most of the time we don't have the finances to celebrate it and that is weighing heavily on her mind. Also, Tyler insists that she keep her head covered at home as he doesn't want to see her with no hair. He seems to be taking it hard as well.

Tonight when she comes home I will shave her head as the stubble that is left is blotchy and hurts when she lies down.

This is Emma after her shave. Better smooth than the five o' clock shadow that the beautician gave her.

For those who have not read past posts, Emma was diagnosed with breast cancer in April and had a mastectomy as well as removal of her lymph nodes where the cancer had spread. She just had her second treatment of chemo which will continue until September.

As always, keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she truly is a special woman and truly needs it.

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