Saturday, May 3, 2008

On Cancer: Race For The Cure Day In Las Vegas

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Celebrating Our Survivor--Emma!

A Tribute To Emma And The Race For The Cure.
Today was the 2008 Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure Fundraiser here in Las Vegas. It was important to Emma to participate in it and she was accompanied by many family and friends. Walking with her, besides yours truly, was our children Tiffany & Tyler, her nieces Caroline, Lisa & Pam, my sister Peggy, her best friends Dee & Ron, their children Joe & Christopher, and Stephanie, wife of Chris. It was a beautiful day here in Las Vegas and it just felt like everyone was full of love and hope. So, instead of rattling on, enjoy these pictures from today's event, and watch the video as well.
PhotobucketEmma Races For The Cure.

PhotobucketEmma Meets Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman.

Photobucket Everyone surrounds their hero with love.

PhotobucketEmma Meets Paula Francis, Longtime Las Vegas News Anchor.

PhotobucketNew Country KWNR Radio Hosts Bob Bishop And Ransom Reynolds Meet Emma.

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