Wednesday, May 14, 2008

MAXIM Magazine Takes Peek At "Alone In The Dark"


The June 2008 issue of MAXIM Magazine mentions the upcoming Atari Videogame "Alone In The Dark". In their Game On section they preview three games. In regards to AITD, Maxim had this to say:

The series that created the survival horror genre is back. This time,
besides a typical arsenal, you also have improvised weapons like brooms and
table legs to help you battle evil in a faithfully re-created Central
Park. Sound lame? Dark's "fire engine" aims to create the best flames
ever seen in a video game, so light 'em up and flambe your foes.

Can't complain with that assessment nor can I wait till I get my hands on this game! By the way, you can preorder this at Gamestop.

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