Friday, February 15, 2008

BEST BUY Proves Once Again That They Should Be Called WORST BUY

Everyone I know that has ever bought a computer at Best Buy has nothing but bad things to say about them. I once bought a computer from them and after being harassed for more than 40 minutes about why I should buy their warranty, I vowed never to buy from them again. I already knew then how they had been prosecuted in other states for their tactics and lies when selling warranties, where salesmen receive big bonuses for selling them.

The people I know, who did buy warranties, found out exactly how worthless those warranties are when they try to get service, as so many things are not covered and they end up finding themselves with a big bill that they weren't expecting. My sister had such a bad experience with them, that she has never bought another one from them either.

Well, someone has finally wised up and has filed a 54 million dollar lawsuit against Best Buy after months of runaround about the computer she had taken in for repair. After being told by numerous people that it was being repaired, that it was waiting for parts, and that it was going to be returned soon, she found out that it had never even left the Best Buy store where she took it, and that in fact, it was either lost or stolen. So much for her personal information as her income tax returns were in the computer. Best Buy broke a law by failing to notify her that she was at risk of identity theft because of this.

Take my advice. If you absolutely insist on stopping at Worst Buy, stick to DVD's, video games, and cd's. Of course, for the most part, unless they are on sale, you'll see that their prices are ridiculously overpriced.

This video is of Raelyn Campbell talking to the Today Show about her lawsuit.

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