Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Favorite James Coburn Movie

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In Like Flint (1967)
"In Like Flint, that's my favorite movie!"
- Austin Powers

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Flint is again called out of retirement when his old boss finds that he seems to have missed 90 seconds while golfing with the president. Flint finds that the president has been replaced by an actor (Flint's line [with a wistful look] is "An Actor as President?")
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Flint finds that a group of women have banded together to take over the world Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
through subliminal brainwashing in beauty salons they own.
This is a scene from "In Like Flint".

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Although this movie, and it's original, "Our Man Flint", were spoofs of the James Bond films, when I was young I thought they were the best spy movies ever made. And, to this day, I still do.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This last video is from "Our Man Flint".


Clyde said...

I have both of these movies but only Our Man Flint on DVD. I actually like it more than the second one. I saw both of these in a movie theater. Did we see these together also?

riesen2b said...

I've got Our Man Flint downloaded on my computer. We saw this in the theater also. Or maybe the first one. I'm not sure.

Clyde said...

Are those your screen caps? They are awfully good if they are.

riesen2b said...

Found those pics on the internet. But don't tell that poster at JimHillMedia.com. I think he would be ticked that I didn't track down the photographer and give credit. hahahaha

Clyde said...

Yeah, people can be a real piss ant about the little things. How much space do you have on that hard drive or yours anyway? I just added five hundred more gigs today. Videos were making my computer hard up for space.


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