Tuesday, March 27, 2007

John Wayne For Coors Beer

The miracle of modern filmaking.


Clyde said...

I love that. I love John Wayne (the actor, never cared for his politics though.)

Here's one you might find interesting. It's an old Chevy commercial which used the cast of Bewitched and Bonanaza. Go down to where it says to see the complete bewitching bonanza commercial click here, but instead right click and save target as and it'll download the video to your computer, then you can play the file. I couldn't get it to work just by clicking on the link.

riesen2b said...

As you could tell by my DVD collection when you visited, John Wayne is one of my favorites as well. I never paid any attention to his politics although I would guess that he was pretty conservative.

Clyde said...

I guess I forgot to leave the link:

Bonanza - Bewitched Commercial


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