Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hillary Clinton Visits Our Union Rally

This is about as close as you'll get to a political post on this blog. I'm taking a temporary time out from the Disney posts to share this little clip from my cell phone of Hillary Clinton speaking at our union rally in Las Vegas, NV. Our local, Culinary Workers Local 226, is over 60,000 members strong in the city and our contract is up for renewal at the end of May.

Besides Hillary, other speakers included Mayor Oscar Goodman, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, and Senator Barack Obama. Hillary seemed to be the most dynamic speaker in person, which surprised me, after all that has been written about Obama. Governor Richardson did a good job of exciting the Hispanic members, and in fact, had more substance in his speech than the other candidates.

The quality of this video is rather poor. I had planned on having my digital camera and camcorders with me, but forgot to take them to work with me and had to go straight to the rally from there. The audio though, is fine and should give you an ideal of Clinton as a speaker.

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1 comment:

Clyde said...

Right now I'm leaning towards John Edwards if he can make it through the primaries although its not etched in stone.


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