Thursday, December 16, 2010

How Can You Help Make A Dream Come True?

Actor Cory Monteith at premiere party of TV se...Image via WikipediaI must admit that I am not any where close to being at the top of the heap when it comes to volunteerism, being a good samaritan, donating to charities, or even helping an old lady across the street.  Yes, when I was young I was a very bad boy scout.  

However, on rare occasions, when the opportunity comes, I find myself willing to do whatever I can in the name of making life better for someone in need.  And, this being the season of giving, I decided to do a post about someone that by all accounts seems to be very deserving of a very special wish that she has.

There is a page on Facebook entitled 'Get Cory Monteith to sing to Pamela Campbell Love on her birthday'.  I found the page when one of my friends sent a request asking that I like this page.  They are hoping that if there are enough likes on the page it will get noticed by the powers that be, whether Cory Monteith himself, Fox executives, or even someone from the cast and crew at Glee.

Cory is one of the cast members on the TV show 'Glee' and she is absolutely crazy about him.  I think having him sing to her on his birthday is a pretty simple request.  

From what I understand Pam has spent the last two years facing hard times after a robbery at work that left her hospitalized and surgery that she still hasn't recovered from.  Financially, she has been on a terribly rocky road.

Yet, all she asks for is a song from Cory Monteith.  Let's see if we can give it to her.

For most of you, all you would have to do is go to the Facebook page and click like.  Of course there is always a long shot that someone from Fox or Glee or someone of national recognition could possibly read this post and do something more.  You can get to the fan page by clicking on this link:

Whatever, it is, let's try and get the number of likes up to an astronomical level and give Ms. Love the dream she deserves.
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