Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Facts Of Life - Its A Wonderful Christmas.

The Facts of Life (TV series)Image via WikipediaA Blog-o-rama Christmas!

It's A Wonderful Christmas takeoff of It's A Wonderful Life in this Christmas episode of The Facts of Life, a 1980's TV show starring Charlotte Rae as Mrs. Garrett, a role that she originated on Different Strokes.

This episode is from 1987 and by that time Charlotte Rae had left, replaced by Chloris Leachman.  The show itself however, was about four girls, each with their own different backgrounds and personalities, becoming inseparable friends when they are brought together at the prestigious Eastland School for Girls. Under the gentle guidance of housemother Mrs. Garrett, the girls face the trials and tribulations of adolescence as they hurry their way towards young adulthood. 

In this episode, Santa plays Beverly's guardian angel in this "deadly" retelling of the Jimmy Stewart movie classic.

Unfortunately, Sony released this episode on the web as a minisode, in other words a fast five minute condensed version of the show.  At least you get the gist of the episode and can enjoy a few laughs along the way.  Enjoy!

So far, only the first five seasons of The Facts of Life are on DVD.  You can begin your collection with seasons 1 and 2 in one collection for only 17 dollars by clicking on the link below.
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