Monday, December 20, 2010

The Donna Reed Show - A Very Merry Christmas

The Donna Reed ShowImage via WikipediaA Blog-o-rama Christmas!

In the same vein as Father Knows Best, Make Room For Daddy, and all of the other late 50's and early 60's sitcoms, one show stood above the crowd simply by the star of the show, Donna Reed.  Reed, for those who aren't aware, played the wife of Jimmy Stewart in "It's A Wonderful Life."

This terrific Christmas episode from the show's first season finds Donna fed up with how no one has true Christmas spirit.  It first aired on December 24, 1958, at a time when there were 38 weeks of episodes in a TV season, which equated into fewer reruns.    Another interesting fact is that back then half hour shows averaged about 26 minutes in length.  These days you're are lucky to get 21 minutes of show in a half hour.  More shows, less commercials.  Wouldn't it be great if TV was still like that!
You can order the first season of The Donna Reed Show with this episode at Amazon.Com by clicking on the link to the left.  They also have seasons 2-4 available as well.

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