Thursday, December 2, 2010

Arrested Development - Afternoon Delight

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A Blog-o-rama Christmas!

Arrested Development must have been an acquired taste because although it was very funny and most critics loved it, it never seemed to find an audience, even though Fox gave it three years to catch on.  I admit that I was never one to watch it during it's original run, but have now found the joy of how entertaining it is, thanks to reruns and Fancast.Com.  You can also watch it on Hulu.Com.

This is of course, their Christmas episode and was the sixth episode of season two.

At the Bluth Company Christmas Party, Gob gets upset and fires all the employees, forcing Michael to invite them all to a second party at the banana stand so he can rehire them.

Incidentally, Ron Howard (Happy Days, The Andy Griffith Show) was  the executive producer on the show as well as the uncredited narrator of the show.  Whether you are a big fan of the show, hated it, or have never seen it, you will certainly enjoy this episode.  
You can also buy season 2 at Amazon.Com by clicking on the link below.
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