Saturday, October 16, 2010

TCM To Premiere Moguls And Movie Stars

Turner Classic Movies's Current LogoImage via WikipediaBeginning on November 1, TCM will air the first of a seven part documentary series called "Moguls And Movie Stars.  It will be narrated by Christopher Plummer  and will air on successive Mondays at 8 P.M.
Each episode will tell the story of the people, power and periods that formed the dynasty of Hollywood.  The shows will span a period of Hollywood from 1889 to 1970 with each program focusing on a different era of American movie history.
The films that are shown later each evening will be ones that cover the points made in that night's documentary.
Here is a schedule for the first nights films on November 1:
8:00 PM Moguls and Movies Stars, A History of Hollywood:
Episode One – Peepshow Pioneers (’10)
9:00 PM The Films of Thomas Edison
Blacksmithing Scene (1893)
The Barbershop (1893)
Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze (1894)
Sandow (1894)
Boxing Cats (1894)
Annabelle Butterfly Dance (1894)
Sioux Ghost Dance (1984)
Annie Oakley (1894)
Roberta and Doretto - Chinese Laundry (1894)
Fire Rescue Scene (1894)
Dickson Experimental Sound Film (1895)
The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots (1895)
The John C. Rice - May Irwin Kiss (1896)
Shooting the Chutes (1896)
Fatima, Muscle Dancer (1896)
Fifth Avenue, New York (1897)
Mr. Edison at Work in His Chemical Laboratory (1897)
What Happened on 23rd, NYC Pan American Exposition by Night (1901)
Life of an American Fireman (1903)
What Happened in the tunnel (1903)
The Great Train Robbery (1903)
The Kleptomaniac (1905)
The Little Train Robbery (1905)
The Dream of a Rarebit Fiend (1906)
Three American Beauties (1906)
Films of the San Francisco Earthquake (1906)
The “Teddy” Bears (1907)
The Rivals (1907)
Rescued from an Eagle’s Nest (1908)
The Lone Game (1915)
11:00 PM Moguls and Movie Stars, A History of Hollywood:
Episode One – Peepshow Pioneers (’10)
You can find out more about this series and get the full schedule by going here.

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