Monday, October 4, 2010

Second Trailer For "True Grit" Hits Internet

John Wayne as CogburnImage via WikipediaWith the release of the second trailer for the Coen's Brothers remake of the legendary John Wayne classic "True Grit," we finally get more insight into how closely the remake will follow the original.  Some scenes look to be exact copies of what happened in the original film.  Among them are the courtroom trial with Rooster Cogburn on the witness stand, Mattie Ross navigating her horse across the river to catch up with Cogburn and LaBeouf, as well as her encounter with Tom Chaney, the man who murdered her father.
The cinematography in this film looks breathtaking, and while I had my doubts about Jeff Bridges trying to fill in the boots of Wayne, it looks like his performance will stand alongside of Wayne's as equals.  I'm sure there will be fans of the original film who would call that statement blasphemy, but it is what it is.  Besides that, I would contest anyone that thinks that they are a bigger fan of the original film than I.  It is my all time favorite film and I usually watch it several times a year.  It is a film that I never get tired of.
I am rooting for this film to be a success as it may bring renewed interest to the original movie which starred John Wayne, Glen Campbell, Dennis Hopper, and Kim Darby.  I loved Kim Darby as Mattie Ross and her portrayal will always be the definitive version even if she did appear older than the character in the Charles Portis novel upon which the film is based.  That being said, I find the depiction of her by Hallie Stanfield to be compelling and truer to the gist of the novel.
Watch this new trailer and for those of you who are big fans of the original, don't hesitate to express your opinion.
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