Monday, August 9, 2010

Smallville - The 10th and Final Season Draws Near.

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On September 24th, the tenth and final season of one of my all time favorite shows, Smallville, will begin. I'm expecting this season to probably be the best of them all. This will be the year when we will finally see the costume, although it is my guess that it won't be until the final episode. That will be part of the fun.

My own guess is that we may see several characters make surprise appearances during this season. Tops on my wish list would be a return of Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor, even though it is reported that the main villain for this season will be Darkseid.

Already confirmed for next season is an appearance by John Schneider as Jonathan Kent (in ghostly form I presume) as well as Laura Vandevoort as Supergirl.   Hawkgirl and Deadshot, characters from the DC catalog, are also confirmed as being in episodes next season.

Another thing to look for will be the romance between Clark and Lois, especially after the end of season nine when Lois kissed the blue streak and realized that it was Clark's lips.

Below is a video provided by the CW from the Comic-Con panel on Smallville, including clips from Smallville.

To make things even more interesting, TV.Com is reporting that the CW has expressed an interest in doing a spin-off of Smallville.  They are currently taking a look at other superheroes in the DC library and that The Blue Beetle currently is drawing the most interest.  I read a few issues of Blue Beetle a few years ago and really enjoyed them.

And finally, for those who read to the end of the article, here is the trailer which was shown at Comic-Con and obviously copied from a small camera or cell phone that shows a lot more of what will be happening during season 10.  And as you will see, some of what I have spoken about is true.

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