Monday, August 16, 2010

First Official "True Grit" Photo Released By Paramount

The cover of the 1969 movie tie-in paperback.Image via WikipediaI've said it before in past posts here at the blog-o-rama.  True Grit, starring John Wayne, Kim Darby, and Glen Campbell, is my all time favorite John Wayne movie, and also one of my favorite westerns, as well as being in my ten favorite movies of all time list.  For me personally, this film was just packed with action, drama, humor, and scenery that was absolutely breathtaking.  I can pause my DVD player and just stare at the scene when Wayne, Darby, and Campbell come upon the shack in the valley where they hope to come across Tom Chaney and Lucky Ned Pepper.
And now, as we know, the Coen brothers have been filming a remake of the film, supposedly adhering more to the original Charles Portis novel than the Wayne film.  This film has a stellar cast that includes Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn, a tough U.S. Marshall described by others as a man with true grit.  Newcomer Hailee Steinfeld stars in the lead role as Mattie Ross, a young girl who hires Cogburn to help track the murderer of her father.  Also in the cast are Matt Damon and Josh Brolin.

I have mixed feelings about the movie, especially since the first film is so special to me.  And yet, it is the number one movie that I absolutely won't miss at the movie theater when it is released in December.  The story that is told in True Grit is one that can not be easily screwed up and I am curious to see the Coen brothers take on it, especially with them being such great directors.

I scan the internet often to see what I can find  about the new movie and news has been scant although you can find a few videos on YouTube taken by people who around when they were filming in certain cities.  I never posted them because frankly, there wasn't much to see.

But finally, Paramount Pictures has released an official photo from True Grit, showing Bridges as Cogburn and Steinfeld as Ross.   

Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn with Hailey Steinfeld as Mattie Ross.

I must say that Steinfeld really looks the part of Ross as does Bridges as Cogburn.

Below are a couple of those videos where they are filming True Grit.

I'll continue to do more posts about True Grit as more information becomes available.
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