Monday, July 26, 2010

"The Defenders" - Vegas Lawyers Coming This Fall To CBS

Always a popular city to base a television show in, "The Defenders" starring James Belushi and Jerry O'Connell, will debut this fall on CBS.  The show is based on an actual law firm here in Vegas and you can now see "The Defenders" billboards posted all over town.  What's interesting is that the billboards features three people in silhouette that look similar to James Belushi, O'Connell, and female Jurnee Smollett, but the phone number, which I haven't called appears to be a real number (it doesn't start with 555) and in the bottom right corner, in small letters, is the name of an actual law firm, the name of which eludes me.

The actual law firm upon which the show is based is Cristalli & Seggese.  The show will premiere on Wednesday nights this September.  

TV fans may remember a show that ran from 1961-65 called "The Defenders".  That show starred E.G. Marshall and The Brady Bunch Dad Robert Reed as law partners as well as father and son.  They tackled challenging legal cases, often involving issues which were highly touchy for the times (abortion, euthanasia, "un-American" activities, movie censorship). In most the freshly minted lawyer has much to learn from his father's extensive legal experience.

Below is an outtake gag reel from that show.

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