Monday, March 8, 2010

Las Vegas Academy Presents "West Side Story"

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The Las Vegas Academy Theater Department got off to a great start this past Thursday - Saturday with the opening week of "West Side Story".  I haven't seen it yet but my son did and gave it five stars.  The plays that are performed by this prestigious high school have the same production values as those you would find on Broadway.  As an example, take a look at this promotional video for past performances at the academy.

The play is enhanced with a full orchestra in the pit from the academy's music department, conducted on rotating nights by Brian Downey and Logan Biles.

If you happened to miss it, performances will continue for the next two weeks on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Whether you live in Vegas or are just visiting, you will be in for a treat if you go see it and support these young outstanding performers.  Reserved tickets are just 18 dollars and you can order them here:

Here's a clip from the motion picture to get you in the mood:

And, if you would like a copy of the movie or soundtrack, check out these prices at Amazon.

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Maria Jensen said...

I fell in love with West Side Story the first time i saw it :D
Great post :)

PS: i'v posted a couple of westerns on my blog, as i can remember you where interested in looking at some of them ;)


Susan said...

I saw West Side Story last night at the Las Vegas Academy. It was fantastic! Cody Canyon has the most amazing voice, and the entire production was totally professional. It's hard to believe these are high school students!


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