Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MacGruber Red Band Trailer - If this one's a hit I'll slice off my MacGruber.

While watching this trailer for Will Forte's MacGruber movie ( an obvious parody of MacGyver folks, for anyone not smart enough to realize it)  my mind drifted off to past films that were remakes of television shows that actually used the titles of those shows.  How can we not forget such vapid losers such as Starsky and Hutch, The Mod Squad, The Dukes of Hazard and so on.  The only reason Charlie's Angels was successful enough for an unsuccessful sequel is that the original show on which it was based was rather vapid as well.

Films which took themselves a little more seriously, such as Shaft, (of course that is a movie remake), S.W.A.T., and Miami Vice were more appealing to me even if they weren't the best in entertainment.

Where do I see this MacGruber movie falling?  Let's pile it in with Starsky and Hutch.  Anytime I watch a trailer for a comedy and don't even get a chuckle, I can already see that film in trouble.  This will be this year's Year One movie.  It falls below Will Ferrell's Land of the Lost.  Why?  Because I did chuckle when I watched the trailer's for that film.  Sometimes I even laughed out loud.

MacGruber looks like one of those films where someone got a laugh out of the little MacGruber sketch for SNL and decided that it was so funny it would make a great movie.  In this case I just don't think so.  As far as SNL skits go, this film should be about as memorable as The Coneheads movie.  How many of you have that in your collection or how often do you see it on TV?  Me.  Never.

One plus about the movie is the fact that Powers Boothe is the villian.  One of my favorite actors, you seldom see him these days which is a shame.  I may force myself to watch this movie just because he is in it.

Take a look at this Red Band Trailer and let me know how many laughs you got out of it.  The film will be thrust upon us on April 23, 2010.

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