Monday, January 11, 2010

"Chuck" Lives! Highest Ratings Since 3-D Episode.

It seems that NBC made a smart move by premiering the once thought dead "Chuck" with two back to back episodes on Sunday night.  The last time Chuck scored as high in the ratings goes all the way back to the 3-D episode that was shown after the Super Bowl.

The first episode of "Chuck" drew 7.7 million viewers and a healthy 3.0 preliminary rating among adults 18-49, with the second drawing 7.2 million and a 2.9 rating.  "Chuck" also improved 58%  on its "Dateline" lead-in and was up 21% compared to last season's average.

"Chuck" returns to it's permanent slot tonight, going against CBS's strong lineup of comedies as well as a new episode of "House".  If ratings take a big hit tonight, it makes you wonder why NBC doesn't make "Chuck" a Sunday night staple, seeing as with the Super Bowl episode and last night's episode, that is when it gets it's biggest draw.

If you have never seen "Chuck", you should really give it a try.  It is one of the best written, and most unappreciated shows on television.  Below is the first episode of Season 3 for "Chuck", but it will only be available until January 16.  After that you can catch up on episodes from season two.

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