Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"True Grit" Will Open On Christmas Day

If you look for the John Wayne Classic "True Grit" at RottenTomatoes.Com you will see that the film has a 93% rating on the Tomatometer, which means that the overwhelming majority of critics liked it. The film, which garnered Wayne his only Oscar® is based on Charles Portis' novel.  The film reunited John Wayne with director Henry Hathaway (THE SONS OF KATIE ELDER). Wayne is the crotchety U.S. Marshal Rooster Cogburn a one-eyed whiskey swigging tough as nails U.S. Marshall who heeds the call when fourteen year-old Mattie Ross (Kim Darby) calls on him to avenge her father's death at the hands of a man who has escaped into Indian territory. Glen Campbell is a Texas ranger who accompanies them for his own reasons.

To read one of the best reviews for that movie, or at the very least one that I am in total agreement with, go to Clyde's Movie Palace by clicking here.

Now, the Coen brothers are putting their spin on this classic tale.  From what I understand though, rather than a true remake, they have returned to the source material which is Charles Portis' novel.  It is a great book, and while many elements of the movie are in the book, a lot was left out.  Taking over the roll of Rooster Cogburn is Jeff Bridges, who may be heading for his first Oscar® for his performance as the washed-up country singer in "Crazy Hearts".

Also in the film is Matt Damon in the role that Glen Campbell so notoriously portrayed.  Josh Brolin takes over the role of  Tom Chaney, the killer of Mattie's father.

The cast, at least, sounds terrific.  The Coen brothers as director's are a bonus.  I'm sure if they go with what is in the novel it will bring a new look to the film and will be worth watching. 

Now that it has been announced that the film is opening on Christmas Day, it looks like it is being slotted in a high profile event with an eye on awards season. 

We'll see.

By the way, I didn't read anything about it, but I guess that they had an open casting call for the roll of Mattie Ross where people posted their videos on YouTube.  Search for Mattie Ross while you're there and you will find a lot of video auditions.  They have not yet selected the person who will portray Mattie.

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