Sunday, January 10, 2010

Look Who's Playing Carol Ferris In The New Green Lantern Movie.

Blake Lively Of "Gossip Girl"

For those of you who don't belong to the world of Geekdom, or have never ventured into the world of Hal Jordan and his alter ego of "The Green Lantern", Carol Ferris is not only Hal Jordan's love interest, but also his boss. She is also one of the many characters who has used the name Star Sapphire. Hal Jordan was the Green Lantern during what was known as the Silver Age.

As Ferris Aircraft's Vice President, Carol Ferris, the only child of aerospace mogul Carl Ferris, hired Hal Jordan and quickly found herself attracted to the fearless test pilot, who was secretly the superhero Green Lantern. However, the young couple’s romance quickly became complicated when Carol took over the company from her father and the Zamarons crowned her the new Star Sapphire. When the Zamarons discovered that she was in love with Green Lantern, a servant of their estranged friends, the Guardians of the Universe, they sent her to defeat Green Lantern in battle as Star Sapphire.

Over the years, Star Sapphire and Green Lantern would duel again and again, but each time Jordan would defeat Ferris and revert her to normal.

Exactly how much of that history, or even if she will be revealed as Star Sapphire in the new movie is information that we won't know for quite a while. The film as of yet hasn't started filming and the release date is currently set for June 17, 2011.

What we do know is that Blake Lively, the stunning blonde from "Gossip Girl" will be portraying Carol Ferris alongside Ryan Reynolds (“Wolverine,” “The Proposal”) as Jordan and his new title-character alter-ego, a rookie intergalactic cop with a “power ring” that can do nearly anything he wills it to. In the DC comics, Green Lantern has served a member of the Justice League alongside Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash.

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