Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wikipets Widget: Cute Pet Videos

I found this at Petcentric, a website that I am assuming is sponsored by Purina. If you are a pet lover you will find a lot of interesting and useful stuff to use, including videos and pictures. You can even post your own. At any rate, with this widget you can watch entertaining and informative videos on pet care, pet games, behavior, training and more. I know I don't post about pets, but in this case consider this as me highlighting the wonderful website PetCentric.Com. Oh yes, and one more thing. I found the link to Petcentric when I entered a contest at another great website called ForTheMommas.Com. And if you are curious as to what a Papa is doing at a Momma website, it's because there is a lot of great info there for both genders. Check it out as well.

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More at Petcentric.com

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