Sunday, December 13, 2009

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Christmas Story

white shadow

The White Shadow starred Ken Howard as Ken Reeves, a white professional basketball player who retires from the NBA after a severe knee injury with the Chicago Bulls. During his retirement, Reeves took a job as a basketball coach at Carver High School, mostly black and Hispanic urban high school in South Central Los Angeles. Carver's principal is Jim Willis (Jason Bernard in the pilot, Ed Bernard for seasons 1 and 2), Reeves' old college roommate.

Sybil Buchanan, played by Joan Pringle, is the vice principal who was against Reeves' hiring and clashed with Reeves in the areas of discipline and education on more than a few occasions. In season 3, Willis is promoted to a position with the Oakland Board of Education and Buchanan becomes principal of Carver.

According to the storyline, Reeves and Willis were roommates at Boston College. Reeves played college basketball and went on to be drafted into the NBA and played mostly with the Chicago Bulls.

In this Christmas episode, Reeves and the team help conduct a basketball clinic at a local Catholic school, and Reeves takes a dating interest in the female basketball coaches. It originally aired on December 23, 1980.

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