Monday, December 14, 2009

Watch Nicholas Cage Shoot Young Girl In Clip From "Kick-Ass".


Believe it or not, the above poster is of Nicholas Cage who stars as Big Dadddy in the upcoming movie "Kick-Ass".  He never got the chance to play Superman back when he was once slated for the roll, but he makes a fine looking Batman type costumed hero.  This is the first image that has been released of Cage in costume.

What you may find even more interesting is this clip from the film where Big Daddy shoots the child who will later become "Hit Girl"  so that she can see what it feels like.  It's a somewhat shocking clip, to tell you the truth, but it provides a better perspective about what type of movie it is than the first trailer that released. 

"Kick-Ass" arrives in theaters on April 16, 2010.  Go to IAmBigDaddy.Com for more info.


Clyde said...

I don't like that.

riesen2b said...

I found it kind of shocking as well. By the way, I replaced the YouTube video for Robin Hood with the one they just put up at TrailerAddict so you can go back to that post and watch it.


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