Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Spy Next Door - A Family Comedy With Jackie Chan

Looks like Jackie Chan is taking lessons from The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) with this new film which opens in January.  With that I mean he is now appearing in a family comedy surrounded by cute, loveable children where, in this case, he is a spy who also winds up as a babysitter.  Whether it is a timeworn plot depends on whether you like this kind of thing (I do) and also as to whether there are any new twists to it (looks like there is). 

In the movie, former CIA spy Bob Ho (Chan) takes on his toughest assignment to date: looking after his girlfriend's three kids, who haven't exactly warmed to their mom's beau. And when one of the youngsters accidentally downloads a top-secret formula, Bob's longtime nemesis, a Russian terrorist, pays a visit to the family.  Judging by the trailer, hilarity ensues.  I like the unique way in which Chan dresses the youngest girl.


Anonymous said...

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Watch The Spy Next Door said...

I am really glad that Jackie Chan will create another spying movie. Gonna see this on theaters on Jan. 15. :)


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