Monday, December 7, 2009

Scarecrow And Mrs. King - The Blog-o-Rama Christmas Show A Day

scarecrow mrs king Santa's Got A Brand New Bag.

The Scarecrow And Mrs. King originally aired on CBS from October 3, 1983, to May 28, 1987.  The show starred Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner.  Amanda King is a divorced woman with two children. One day, a man named Lee Stetson, who is a government agent code name, Scarecrow, was running from enemy agents. He then asked for Amanda's help. Now instead of it being a brief encounter, Amanda got into the thick of his mission, and when it was all over, Stetson's boss Billy Melrose made her a part of the agency.

In this episode, a calm Christmas Eve turns deadly for Scarecrow and Mrs. King (BRUCE BOXLEITNER and KATE JACKSON) when a disgruntled toy maker, who believes much more than children’s toys are being made at the company where he once worked, enlists their help.

This episode is from the fourth season of the show.  During this season Kate Jackson was diagnosed with breast cancer and her role in later episodes was severely cut back.


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