Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rhoda - The Blog-o-Rama Christmas Show A Day

Guess What I Got You For The Holidays


Rhoda is an American television sitcom starring Valerie Harper and was a spin-off from The Mary Tyler Moore Show which ran for five seasons between 1974-1978. Harper played the lead role of Rhoda Morgenstern, who was the spunky, weight conscious, flamboyantly-fashioned best friend of Mary Richards who left Minneapolis and returned home to New York City. The series was a ratings success (even beating its parent show) and was also the winner of two Golden Globes and two Emmy Awards. Source: Wikipedia.Org.

In this Christmas episode, Rhoda's husband Joe is having financial problems at his business.  Rhoda gives him all of her savings to help him out but things go awry.

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